Pyritized Ammonite Ring (Adjsutable)

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This unique piece of jewelry contains an ammonite fossil that was replaced with pyrite instead of other minerals, giving it its appealing structure and color.

Pyrite, also known as Fools Gold is a beautiful stone that can be found all over the world. Most commonly found in Peru, Spain, and Italy, it is a combination of iron sulfides that showcase stunning brassy hues. The name pyrite is derived from pyr, the Greek word for fire.

Ammonites first appeared on the earth over 400 million years ago. They are considered one of the most abundant creatures to ever live as they have currently discovered over 10,000 different species of ammonite from locations all over the Earth. They possessed multi-chambered shells which housed squid-like tentacles and could reach up to 9 feet in diameter. These interesting sea creatures survived three different extinction events, even the Permian extinction, a global warming event caused be volcanic activity and killed 96 percent of all sea life.

The shank portion of this ring is adjustable.


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