Abalone Shell

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Abalone shells are found many places over the globe. Abalone are sea snails that cling to the shallows. Their shells are composed of calcium carbonate layer that are stacked similar to bricks, making them extremely durable. These snails are used as a source of food in many cultures, but their shell is what has gotten all of the attention. The inner shell contains Mother-of-Pearl, a vibrant, iridescent material often found in molluscs that is used for jewelry and metaphysics.

Metaphysically, abalone is used for natural protection and emotional balancing. Abalone is said to heal emotional trauma, especially those dealing with relationship issues with friends and/or family. Many will also use these shells as a pairing with sage.

The average shell diameter is four to six inches. You will receive one (1) shell similar to the ones pictured. Colors may vary based on screen size and resolution.

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